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Key benefits

  • 30-50% less energy use than ball mill systems
  • For portland cement, slag and blended cements
  • High productivity with stable, reliable operation
  • Design optimized for maintenance 
  • Effective drying when grinding blast furnace slag or blended cements with wet components
  • Consistent cement quality with easy-to-adjust quality parameters
  • Modification of PSD (particle size distribution) curve possible
  • Long lifetime
  • Simple, compact layout
  • Proven technology

Design advantages

  • Only grinding mill in the market designed as a cement grinder and not a modified raw mill
  • Simple layout and fewer machines in the mill circuit ensure high run-factor and low maintenance costs
  • Roller and table profile improve operating stability and reliability
  • Special design features for iron removal during slag grinding minimise wear
  • Optimal wear protection on all internal surfaces extends lifetime
  • Flexibility to operate with reduced number of rollers guarantees long-term availability
  • Segmented roller wear parts made of the hardest possible material without the risk of cracking; very suitable for hardfacing

How it works


The SIMA mill combines the drying, grinding and separation processes into just one unit, which simplifies the plant layout. And because it operates at a low noise level, outdoor installation is feasible – substantially reducing civil construction costs and improving the working environment. Compared to ball mills, the SIMA mill can produce better or equivalent cement quality.


Designed for economically grinding a variety of cement types.

Some cases

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SIMA is a first vertical roller mill manufacture in Iran; Since 2009

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